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Pest Control Bundle

Pest Control Bundle

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Get this trio of my favorite pest control products at a discount when you bundle!

Bye Bye Fly

Fungus Gnats are a common problem for plant lovers. Bye Bye Fly is a natural, non toxic, and effective solution.

Simply shake Bye Bye Fly onto the top of the (dry) soil in a thick layer. Fungus Gnat larvae will not be able to survive in the soil and their life cycle will end.

Treatment time can take 4-6 weeks and we recommend bottom watering during this time, as Bye Bye Fly is not effective when wet.

Neem Queen

Neem Queen is a non toxic house plant pest control formulated with 3 key ingredients - Neem Oil, Peppermint Oil, & Diatomaceous Earth.

Kill & prevent common house plant pests such as gnats, mealybugs, spider mites, and white flies.

Gentle enough to be used as a weekly preventative but also strong enough to treat infestations! 

16 oz. bottle

Diatomaceous Earth

Pure Diatomaceous Earth
Organic pest control for houseplants

How does it work?
Diatomaceous earth is formed from microscopic fossilized aquatic diatoms. When soft-bodied insects come in contact with these diatoms, it causes them to dehydrate and die. DE is effective on most common houseplant insects. It is non-toxic and safe to use around your home!

How to use:
DE comes in powder form. Sprinkle it on the surface of soil and around areas where crawling insects are an issue. May also be mixed in with potting soil. Reapply as needed. Non-toxic & safe to use around pets.

12 oz
Scoop included
11" x 7" Resealable bag
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